by Dan Howarth

In a remote Finnish hunting community, darkness and the cold hold the villagers close. As a pack of wolves threaten the village’s future, grief-stricken hunter Jari must unite the population to reclaim their territory.

Haunted by the loss of his wife and his best hunting dog, hunter Jari tries to stem the flow of alcohol and grief that threatens to destroy his life. As the darkness and isolation of winter settles around his small hunting community in remote Finland, it brings with it another threat. The encroachment and growing boldness of a pack of wolves endangers the villagers’ way of life. The presence of the wolves opens old feuds and cracks within the community’s makeup. As Jari tries to lead the villagers through their toughest season, it soon becomes clear that not everyone will survive the winter…

Howarth's prose is the perfect style of writing for the story, descriptive without being purple, immersed in characters' thoughts without being stream-of-consciousness. In short: expertly told.
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This was really outstanding and will make many, many readers happy.
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A tightly-paced narrative pulls you into the splintering of a small, isolated community battling the horror of finding themselves as prey when the wolves close in. It's clean and crisp and very believable adding to the mounting tension as we hurtle towards the end.
beverley lee