The Children's horror

by Patrick Barb

Keep watching. No matter how weird it gets, DON’T change the channel.

Imagination is a wonderful thing, opening doorways of creativity and possibility. But what about the other doors it can open? The ones revealing twisted passageways of corrupted innocence and unfathomable cosmic nothingness?

In an elementary school auditorium, on a TV set playing weird and sinister versions of today’s popular kids’ TV programs, YOU will experience the dark side of imagination firsthand. The Children’s Horror is a themed short-story collection from horror author Patrick Barb that presents today’s most-popular kids TV franchises through a darker lens. From cities controlled by dogs to possibly dead children acting as would-be heroes and from infant sharks to the strange fates of written-off sitcom characters, this collection offers must-read thrills perfect for a perfectly unsettling Saturday morning

Whether you’re a parent, caregiver, teacher, or a kid at heart, you’ve probably watched some children’s shows wondering what it would be like if things were a little different and a little darker. The time for wondering is over. Come, take a seat, the TV is on and the children have something they want you to see.

"This is childhood programming warped and deformed to reveal its true dark core, but also cross-pollinated with other genres in ways that make it startling, unsettling and revelatory."
Brian evenson
"The Children's Horror is at turns gruesome and horrifying, wacky and weird; but always wholly original and boundlessly creative."
Emma Berquist
"This collection is a treasure chest teeming with terrifying retellings that will leave you begging for your night light."
Brian McAuley