society place

by andrew david barker

Set during the blazing English summer of 1976, recently widowed Heather Lowes moves into the house she was supposed to live with her husband.
But now she is alone.
Or at least, she thinks she is.
It is a normal terrace house, on an everyday, run-down working class street, in a dying industrial town. A place that seldom sees the extraordinary.
However, when Heather meets her new neighbours – the old woman next door, the kid from a few doors down – they all seem concerned that she has moved into the house at the end of Society Place. They seem to know something.
Heather’s nights in the house are troubled. She senses a presence, particularly on the stairs, and down in the cellar. She dare not go down there. As the sweltering summer rages on, Heather experiences supernatural turmoil that tests her sanity and pushes her understanding of reality to its very limits.
She learns that there isn’t just one ghost.
There is a Nest of Ghosts that haunt, not just her house, but all the houses on Society Place.
Heather also comes to learn of the Nest’s interest in the baby growing inside her, and of the far-reaching consequences of the events of that summer and how they will still be felt into the first decades of the 21st century.

A Great Ghost Story of Evocative Creeping Dread
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A Hauntingly Atmospheric Spine Chilling Ghost Story!
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A spine-tingling ghost story told against the backdrop of working class Britain
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